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can i watch video files from my computer on my tv ?
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    Make/model of video card and someone could probably emphatically answer
    Yes/No. That said ...

    If your video card has an output for the connection then yes you probably
    can, else no unless prepared to change video cards (lots of cheaper cards
    now have tv out capabilities).

    Look on the back of the video card where the monitor cable attaches to your
    pc. If that same card has a round plug (RCA jack) that looks like the video
    in/out connector on your vcr or the audio connectors on your vcr and/or
    stereo then I'd guess the cards "capable" of it (else why bother having the
    connector even there). Read the manual and look in the online help should
    mention more.

    There might also be another type of plug for something like an LCD panel
    etc.. Usually if that's the case, the card also came with some extra cables
    to convert between connection types and it's almost invariably some type of
    dual-head that's multi-monitor capable (with one "monitor" being your tv if
    desired) in todays market

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    > can i watch video files from my computer on my tv ?
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