Upgrade xp to windows 7 & partition not recognized

I'm currently running Windows XP (SP3)and am trying to run the Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade. Each time the installation gets to the point of starting to erase the XP program files and load the Win 7 files and stops with a statement that it doesn't recognize the C partition where XP is installed. The PC has a single SATA HD with only a single partition. Is there some step that's left of the installation instructions that I could be missing?
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  1. From what I remember it was supposed to be that you had to do a clean install from XP to 7, no upgrades available. That might be the problem...

    So best thing for you to do is to:

    1. back up all your files you can't get elsewhere (external HDDs are pretty cheap these days)

    2. Format

    3. Install

    4. ?????

    5. Restore backups

    6. Major Windows 7 Profit
  2. I did try that; Formatted the drive - booted from the disk - then got a message that there was no operating system on the HD, which then terminated the installation process. It's my understanding that XP is required to be on the HD and the Win 7 upgrade will then erase the drive and continue with the installation. Is it possible that I cannot upgrade my OEM version of XP to Win 7?
  3. It's possible - You just need to know How To Do A Clean Install From the Upgrade media
  4. You need to boot in with the Windows 7 dvd and choose the custom install option to upgrade from XP.
  5. Scotteq has the right idea. Just do a clean install using the "double install" method.
  6. Windows XP 32 bits or 64 bits?
    Windows 7 32 bits or 64 bits?
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