Hello, I've got a question:
How I can fix my RE4 on my PC with OS Windows 7 Ultimate?
Every time I start the game the PC gave me the same error: "RE4 has stopped working".
I've installed the latest drivers, run the game in compatibility mode and more options but it gave me the same error...
I've got an Athlon x4 with 4GB of RAM, 3GHz and an 1GB NVidia video card...
I also installed the game on a friend's PC with lower performances with same OS and there worked without any problems.
Anyone could answer me?
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  1. I got a question too, what is RE4??
  2. I think its resident evil 4
  3. is resident evil 4...sorry i used abbreviations
  4. When you check the application logs on your computer does it give anymore info on what has happened?
  5. I've checked, couldn't find anything interesting, just some sytem error messages.
    And the information messages...nothing that could be from the game.
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