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I dual booted and had bootmgr go missing. 7 still booted but vista did not, running the vista repair through boot disc fixed vista but then my 7 would not boot. running the 7 repair through the boot disc fixed 7, and now both are working again. But...

When I boot windows 7, the 4 colored balls are not there, instead its the windows vista start with the green lines going from left to right in the box. It still boots into windows 7 (actually seems faster?) Is there a way to revert back to the 7 boot screen?
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  1. There is. Its a file in your C:Windows\System32\boot folder (I think thats the dir, might be System though).

    But you need to get your hands on the original boot screen file first as it just seems that Vistas boot screen file took over.
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    Actually, jimmysmitty's response does not fix the issue. Here is an article that corrects the issue:

    I had the same isue and it fixed it for me.
  3. have you verified that the Win7 partition's boot code is what is actually being started? if you have boot-repaired you might actually have 2 bootable disks. look in disk manager to see which partition actually initiated the bootup to ensure it's not the vista partition.
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