Which page has first new post?

I know there's a lot going on right now but a feature that would really be nice is if there were some way to highlight the page number that contains the first unread post. For instance say there were four pages in a thread and page 3 contained the post I last read. Is there a way to perhaps highlight the number 3 in orange ?

The way it is now all I know is that somewhere in the four pages there is a new post. If I select page 4 and then realize that I should have started from page 3 everything in page 3 is already showing as read .

This would be a great feature is there some way you Gurus can accomplish it.
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  1. That is a toughie.. I have never seen that on any forum. Forums usually show last post, and you just go up from there if you wish.

    You can do a show all, and then work backwards from the last post :?
  2. :trophy: Quick response :!: must be a record.

    The show all is the way I do it now. Forum is a lot faster now and as long as it stays that way this won't be a big deal. However as it inevitably slows down this could be a problem (time wise) are even a nightmare for dial up because of the load time.

    I kind of thought it was a hard to do a feature but it sure would be great.

    By the way, thanks for all the hard work your putting in here.
  3. Trying russell.. trying. Apprecite the kind words.

  4. Best way to do it would be to change the last poster column to be the first unread post - From there just click it and it would bring you to the first unread post.

    This was requested somewhere else too.
  5. This ties in to a feature I requested a while ago, that the forum have an option to go to the last unread post intead of the last post.

    The reason for this is highly important. Say, for example, the last post is on page 5, but the last post that you read was on page 3. If you jump to the last post, page 5 loads, and if you click backward to page 4 (and eventually to page 3) to find the last read post, you actually can't find it because going to page 5 sets all prior posts as read. 8O And just as equally time consuming is trying to go from page 1 to page 3 just to find while post is the first unread post.

    So a button like the one that takes you to the last post, but that instead takes you to the last read post would be one heck of a useful feature IMHO.

    But I could see where highlighting the page number with the last read post would be nice too. Going as far as to color the fully read page numbers white and page numbers with actual new posts as orange would be neato keen.
  6. I partially agreed with you here. We definatly need this feature, agreed. But I'm not sure about your idea to implement it.

    Highlighting the page no of the last thread would make the forum look a little crazy (especially as most members don't let a thread carry of for 2 pages before reading them again) - Most threads would have the last page highlighed. + Look in your PM box, the highlighting in there (Inbox, sendbox etc links) looks butt ugly imo.

    I think the best way we could do this is the remove the last poster column in the thread list page and replace it is "First unread post" or something like that.

    That's just my opinion obviously, we need more input.
  7. Ned, don't you remember in the old forum where the page number changed color after you had selected it? We need the same thing here or even better yet like you suggested a one click to the last unread post .
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