I'm playing battlefeild 1942.

I asked EA/Dice if my Graphic card, sound card, cpu, memory can make me lag. They said yes.

Can someone tell me how they can make me lag? I alwas thought lag was caused buy a slow internet connection and a slow game server.
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  1. Lag is normally created from slow internet connections with high ping rates. What you refer to as lag may actually be a drop in your frame rate. Frame rate drops are caused by graphically intense situations. In that case your graphics card, cpu or memory will be one of the verdicts. If you download a program like FRAPS then look at your framerate when you experience lag. If its less than 30fps than its one of your computer components causing it and you can rule out lag, if its above 30 then its probably lag.

    What settings are you running the game at and what are your specs?

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  2. I'm running bfv with full graphics. EAX is disabled for sound settings.

    my specs:

    p4 1.60GHZ
    9700 pro (AA and AF is set to application preference)
    audigy 2 zs platinum pro
    768 mb of ram
    windows xp
    adsl modem

    What do you mean by "you can rule out lag"

    I sent this message to EA/Dice support:

    I just want to know if lag can also be caused by a slow sound card, cpu, memory, graphic card for a pc I play on?

    This is the reply:

    "Response (Box Alex C.) 03/23/2004 02:17 PM
    Yes, your assumptions are correct, they can all contribute to lag."

    Are the BS ing me?

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  3. Weak hardware may cause lag. However, I dont think its a factor in your case.
    How is your ping in the games you play. If the ping is high, it should be
    the internet connection you're using. ADSL seem to have a slow
    upload speed which could lead to lag.
    What interest me got all these expensive video card
    and sound card. How come you only got 768MB of RAM?
    Windows XP took out around 256 already and BFV is a big game.
    Could that be the case?
    Or....Maybe 1.6GHz P4 just couldn't handle the heavy 3D

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  4. Yeah I know I could upgrade my ram and cpu. I'm looking into upgrading my MB, cpu and memory.

    My ping is usually between 80-130. Is that high???

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  5. BFV runs like sh!t on most machines (mine Included). Bad coding. I would suggest lowering the settings substantially and see how that goes.

    EA will say anything other than admit to shoddy programming.

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  6. Severe lag can be caused if your AGP video card is operating in PCI mode. If in doubt reload the chipset drivers for your motherboard.

    Mouse software (not drivers) can cause weird little lags. Turn off mouse trails and mouse acceleration and if you don't need it the mouse software itself.

    Antivirus software can also cause lag. Turn off the active scanner.

    Don't use third-party screen savers.

    Those are all general tips. For specific help with BF1942 try the <A HREF="" target="_new">BF1942 Tweak Guide at</A>.

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  7. Can I easily get a virus in my comp if I turn off the active virus scanner. I have norton AntiVirus 2003.

    "reload the chipset drivers for your motherboard."

    You mean reinstall right?

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  8. Don't run email, instant messengers, or visit websites while you are gaming and you should be alright. Of course you have to remember to turn the scanner back on or you could get caught.

    Just do a quick test. Turn off your scanner and try your game. If it doesn't fix the problem then the scanner wasn't the cause of your lag. Turn the scanner back on and don't give it a second thought.

    <b>56K, slow and steady does not win the race on internet!</b>
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