Problem with sound on windows 8

I upgraded to windows 8 pro, and whenever I hear songs, see movies, play videos in the web (youtube...) etc., I have kind of jumps in the sound itself .. and the pictures been more slower and jumping too.

My computer's specifications:
Gigabyte EP35-DS3
Intel core2duo e7200
Crucial M4 128GB
4GB DDR2 1066MHZ
Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio
NVIDIA GeForce G210

When i played songs that happens, but less often, compared to the HD movies, it just puts the picture as well ... (Secretary as 7 years ago, if we want to play movies and we dont insatll a codecs, like K-Lite ...).
when the "jumping" occur, The Task Manager noticed the CPU consumption rises to nearly 70%, and an application called "system interrupts" takes the most consumption.
I tried to run the sound files (Mp3 and FLAC) in Foobar, MPCHC, POTPLAYER, MEDIA PLAYER.

So, I installed the proper drivers sound card (adapted windows 8) that connected in analog cable to my speakers, I checked the control panel sound card (Creative X-fi Xtreme Audio) is the main - and still repeated blasts ...
After a few trys to update several types of drivers, the problem is still there, so I decided to check with a different sound card ..

I set the Nvidia sound card (that connected on HDMI cabble to my TV) as main sound card, I run a movie and songs and the audio worked but the "jumping" are still there.

Finally, I tried through the optical port motherboard (Realtec) I updated the sound card drivers to the new ones and still it blasts ...

I tried to play the same HD Movies in XBMC Media center and the movie runs well without the "jumping" sound problem...

please help, and sorry about my bad english.
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  1. Get rid of the ExtremeAudio; its a re-branded Audigy 2 chipset thats NEVER gotten good driver support from Creative.
  2. Audio2 questions;
    - How do I know that I have Extreme Audio,
    - How do I get rid of it?
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