Format drive to accept Win7 / avoid 'missing ntldr' prob?

Hello, I am setting up a new computer. I started to load XP, then hit a prob and decided to do Win7 rather than solve the XP ahci prob. I re-fomatted the drive off my existing/old comp. But now, I get the 'missing ntldr' code.
Is this b/c I tried to put XP first? How can I format drive to accept Win7 / avoid 'missing ntldr' prob?
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  1. Did you delete the partition(s) that you initially created during the XP install?

    During the Windows 7 install delete any existing partition(s) on the HDD and then re-create them before formatting and continuing with the Windows 7 install.
  2. Hi - Tomsharware automatically sent me a tickler abt this thread - I thought I had posted a note--

    I did what you suggest. At first, I hooked the drive into an external sata dock hooked to my loptop, and deleted the windows folder, or whatever was on the disc. So, I was thinking it was just an empty but formatted drive.

    Once I hit this 'missing ntldr' prob, I figured that there must be s/t else on drive. So, in the external dock, I wiped it totally. Then, I put it into the new build and let it get formatted that way. Everything went fine.

    You learn something new every day. Or at least with every build.
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