read/not read post icon reporting.. (replaced by new s/w)

I am still having the read/not read post icon reporting erroneously on occasion... Like just this morning, in one section it had all the posts shown as not read when they clearly were read.

Has this bug been looked into or is anyone else experiencing this?
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  1. I am aware of this bug and working on it. if you see it, just logout and log back in and you should be ok.
  2. Thank you for confirmation and potential temporary fix. I will try it nest time.
  3. Am I right in thinking the cookie data for unread threads / read threads is not server side?

    What is kept apart from login details in the cookie?
  4. It is not related to this problem, but you are right in that. Cookies are kept on your machine, but last login is kept on the server. Cookies are used to keep track of what topics/forums are read in the current session (to make them white). When you start a new session, orange status shows the new posts since last login. So topic-read tracking cookies don't have to reside on server side.
  5. Ahhh, how clever. So who thought up that crazy idea, or is that common place in forums?

    Edit: And how long do I need to be inactive for the session to finish?

    Edit2: OT: Did you implement that edit feature where it doesn't show as an edit until after a certain amount of time?
  6. You have to be inactive for more than 15 minutes.

    "edit2" don't understand.
  7. I editted my post twice, and on my screen it hasn't come up saying Editted by Ned...on....etc

    In another thread (can't find it though) we asked if we could have a certain amount of time to edit our posts (grammer etc.) before we had a message under our posts saying "Editted by Ned....on...etc
  8. It does not show your own edit, only show's someone else's edit. It is part of the s/w I guess (a feature :lol: :lol: )
  9. Awww, shucks. Now people know how many times I edit posts.
  10. It is a good thing :D because editing means there were revisions, so they can look if there is anything new /different. Granted, it could get embarassing at times :lol:
  11. Thanks, so when I log out and back in, it still did not correct it (I tried it an hour or two ago). But I did not close browser.
    Now, Next time I will close browser and see if corected when occurs next.

    Does that mean that sessions over 15 min's are susceptable to this bug, or that it only refreshes the read/not read icons every 15 min's?
  12. Yes, this bug is related to abandoning sessions (for more than 15 minutes), and then coming back and being auto-logged in (good catch :D ).

    At least that is what I am thinking right now, I am working on it :idea:
  13. I have similar issues, but I read the forums from different machines around the house. I also often have 2 or more tabs open, each displaying a different topic. I just accept things will go a little pear shaped when you browse in such a manner.
  14. OK Steve, FYI.
    This has happened twice more since last post, and I closed browser and reopened without logging out, using auto-login and icons were restored to correct status.
    Hope this helps if you are interested in the feedback.
  15. Rich, I am doing a new release in an hour or so. That should hopefully fix it :wink:

    Thanks for the status.
  16. OK Steve, this should be about the last report from me on this.

    Just happened again, and I copied browser url, closed browser, restarted browser, pasted and icons came back to working.

    Quick and dirty fix, but hey, it works! If your fix has and effect, I will post success, if not I won't.

    Thanks and peace out!
  17. I have put in a fix, and it appears to work on this end. Give it a spin, and if you see any problems related to orange/white status not being properly lit, let me know.

    :) steve
  18. You are like all tech guys, saying you will address bugs if reported, the difference being you do try and it shows! Thanks for giving 110% which is more than 100% others give! :wink:
  19. 110% thanks 8) :D

    I think we have nailed it Rich.
  20. I will let you know tomorrow, but has not occured since my last report! Good so far!
  21. On pages like this:

    Look at last visit time (near the top left). If it looks reasonable, then you are ok. The number should stay constant for the duration of a session (about one hour //not 15 minutes). A session would elapse if pages are not visited for one hour.
  22. Seriously is it just me or can the tim NEVER be right, i check my profile and i am -8 GMT and it says PST for US and mexico or something.

  23. pickxx, that is last visit not your current time.

    If you are in PST, then make sure to click the daylight savings as well (in profile).

    It works for me. Should work for you.

    Easiest way to check time is post something, and see the post time.
  24. Just today I've had to log out twice and relog in to sort things out. I've had everything turn orange and I've had 1969 as my last login.
  25. Right now??

    It should be fixed now.. I was working on it doday and put in a fix. Just logout and in, and you should be fine now.

    Pls test.
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