They All Went White ... Again (replaced by new s/w)

Okay, so I log in this morning. I go Home. I go to the Community. I see some read, some unread. I go to the Bug Report section. I read through all of the new posts in the Bug Report section, thread by thread. I finish. I go to the Community section so that I can get to the Feature Requests section, it being next on my reading agenda. Only when I get to the Community now EVERYTHING is white. There was no 15 minutes of inactivity. I've been hopping from thread to thread rather quickly. Yet it marked everything as read, even though I'd only just finished reading threads in the Bug Report section only, not every darn thread in the whole forum.


This is getting really annoying because now I can't tell what posts anywhere I haven't read yet. Can we please stop this madness? Can I just once actually get to keep the threads that I haven't even gone into the section for yet marked as unread until I, oh, I don't know, read them?
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  1. OK Silver Phoenix, this temp fix worked for me, and since yesterday, problem has not reappeared... [/crosses fingers]

    I copied the browser url, then closed browser, restarted browser, pasted url back and icons came back to working status.

    Quick and dirty fix, but hey, it works! Let me know if this workaround helps.
  2. Edit....
    I went nearly 3 hours on login, and notice screw up again.
    I did technique above, and it changed things, but listed some pages as unread. ;(
    So I logged out, closed browser, logged in and walla, the icons were correct with what I viewed.
    Just sharing my experience.
  3. I could be wrong, but it sounds like you're having the exact opposite problem I have. Are you seeing icons that you've read as unread? (I could be wrong, but that's the impression I got from your post.) Because I'm seeing the opposite. For me threads that I haven't even gone into the section of, are being all marked as read. Everything is being marked as read. I don't have to go anywhere near the post and bam, not only is it white, the whole TG ForumZ is white. All while I'm actively reading and replying in the forum. I don't even have to have the 15 minute timeout occur. Wiping cookies doesn't help. Opening a new browser doesn't help. Everything just keeps going white. It's incredibly annoying.

    And no, your workaround doesn't change a thing for me. They're still all white.

    I know I've been dreaming of a white Xmas, but not like this...
  4. OK similar problem, but different icon action going there...
  5. Argh. It did it again. I log onto my PC. I hit refresh on my open broswer. I read the new posts in that thread. I go back one step, they're colored correctly. I go into the next thread and read those new posts. I go back one step. Bam, they're all white, everywhere. It took maybe three minutes to provoke. :(
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