Auto Return stuck again?

Auto return was working well. But today, when I clicked "Mark all topics read" - it didn't auto return to the general page ... just started, but I'll test some more.

Edit: Seems to be working again ... see last 2 posts ... grrrrr :cry:
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  1. testing auto return after reply

  2. I just went to general "Community Page", clicked on "Mark all forums read" at the bottom ... did not auto return to page. Just stayed there until I clicked a link. Strange.
  3. Just went to Hardware Category ... same thing ... I'll attach a screen shot of where it "sticks/hangs" (doesn't auto return in 5 seconds):
  4. Works for me, in Hardware and Other
  5. Quote:
    Works for me, in Hardware and Other

    Ok ... I just logged out, cleared cookies, deleted cache/temp files/everything ... defragged (Perfect Disk-on boot) ... and logged back in. Now it works ... grrrrrrrrr I don't know. Maybe it's just me sometimes. We'll see when I post this. 8O
  6. *shudders at the thought*
  7. Grrrrrrrrr ... all seems fine now. I'm not going to bother with it anymore ... I can just as easily click a "return to" link as be lazy and wait for auto pilot. 8)
  8. I was having the same problem but I reformated and installed a new hard drive. All is well now.
  9. You want to see something strange ... when I edited my 1st post above ... and submitted ... I auto returned to this page and "froze":

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