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Hit & Miss with RDP to specific servers

April 1, 2004 4:54:40 PM

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.work_remotely (More info?)

We have a number of Win2K Servers in our office that we
RDP to on a regular basis from our XP Pro PCs. Recently,
a power outage forced us to re-build our 4 Cirtix
servers. Now, we are experiencing some oddness when using
either RDP *or* Citrix to these 4 servers, and only these

Here's the list of facts we've compiled so far:

* Any PC in the office can RDP to any other PC or server
without fail, the only issue is with these 4 specific
Citrix Servers.

* Several PCs CAN connect via either Cirtix or RDP to the
4 servers, several cannot. The deciding factor seems to
be if they ever connected before the rebuild or not - if
they did, they can still connect. If they have not
conected before the rebuild (even if they are several
months old and were used for non-RDP work regularly), they
now will not connect to those 4 servers. They will
connect to everything else fine.

* It is not a Profile issue. If I log onto a PC I have
not used before, but that PC can conenct, it will still
connect under my newly created profile. If I go to a
newer PC, it will not connect for anyone logged into it.

* The problem became apparent when I reimaged a PC - it
could connect before I wiped & reinstalled XP, then it
could not. The hardware & IP are identical, but it cannot
connect now.

* No error is generated by Citrix. RDP generates: "The
client could not establish a conneciton to the remote
computer. The most likely causes for this error are: 1)
Remote conneciton might not be enabled at the remote
computer, 2) The maximum number of connections was reached
at the remote computer, 3) A network error occured while
establishing the connection." I know it's not 1 or 2
(other PCs can connect fine at the same time).

* Citrix Logs and Event Viewer list no errors or details
about why I could not connect. The Citirx log only
lists "Connected to (server)," followed a second later
by "Disconnected from (server)," nothing more. WinXPs'
Event viewer lists nothing at all in System or
Application, Secrutiy only has a few lcal audits and
nothing about a remote conneciton.

We've found a few posts on other (Citrix) sites about
similar problems, but no resolutions were ever posted.
I'm angling for the RDP side of things here, to see if
that will solve things.