Memory errors, crashes etc....

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Is anyone still getting the dreaded 'memory could note be read...'
followed by looping audio and steam crashing?
I'm getting it regularly in DM games on the killbox map, sometimes it
crashes soon after joining, other times I can play for ages without a
crash. It seems to be event triggered, ie the exact moment a map ends
or a large explosion occurs.
My system is generally quite stable, low temperatures, recent drivers
etc, so I think it's a steam/hl2 issue. It's possible that it only
happens on this map but I rarely play any others nowdays, so.... ;)

A64 3200
AV8 mobo
1G Corsair
9800 pro w/arctic cooler and ramsinks
Enermax 350W (a bit low I know but it's a 'good' 350W ;)


steve <AT> steveevans <DOT> org
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    I'm also getting fedup with these, as they usually occur whenever I play
    for atleast 20 minutes.
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