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Hello - I am having a problem booting up and hope you could help. I currently have two hard drives (old and new), each with a copy of windows 7 pro. The problem is that I want to get rid of the old hd and use it for backup, but I can't boot onto my new drive without it. If I make the new hd my 1st boot device it just tells me to reboot and select proper boot device. If I make the old hd my primary boot device, it asks me which windows 7 I want to boot to and I can get to either windows 7 install no problem. When I run startup repair on the new drive no problems are identified, but I still have to boot with my old drive to get to either install.

Anyone have a plausible solution? Thanks everyone.
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  1. Hello jpg5f2;
    You could detach the old drive's power and data cables.
    With just the new drive powered up start the system with the Win7 install disk and do a 'Repair' on the that install of Win7. It will do a 'repair' and put the bootloader on that disk for you.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but no luck. Wen I boot with the repair disk and I'm supposed to select an operating system that isn't anything listed. It allows me to proceed without a selection, though, and I run the startup repair. It runs and asks me to restart but I still get the same message to select a proper boot device.
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