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Had a Kodak 5200 wireless printer, it found the wireless router a cisco. When I downloaded the CD and updated on the computer the printer lost the wireless connection and would not find my router or the two others it found at start up. There was no way to reset the printer to find the wireless connection again. Connected a USB port to try to find a fix with a wired connection and still wasn't allowed to reset the printer software. Is there a problem with wireless printers and Window 7? I'm looking to re-purchase another printer but want to find a cause first to the first problem.
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  1. have you read the instructions manual for your printer or tried using google?
  2. Yes to both, returned it already there was no way to re-enter the software in the printer, even after using the USB port. The wireless failed to refine the router.
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    I have a Kodak 5200 printer that I set up to connect via Wi-Fi. The printer randomly looses connection. I worked with the Kodak tech and the only way in the world to regain connection was to delete my anti-virus program and then re-boot the laptop. Even shutting down the anti-virus didn't work - the program had to be completely deleted. Once the printer regains connectivity, I reinstall the anti-virus and all is well until the next time the connection goes away.
  4. Thanks I can see that as the cause. The signal was lost when the laptop sent the software to the printer, and the instructions HIGHLIGHTED to disable the anti-virus program.

    Purchased a canon 5220 to replace the kodak 5200, WOW glad I had the trouble. Set up was simple using the E3000 router, prints are great, WI Fi works from across the the house from the laptop with router in the basement no drop out problems. It comes with two blacks for better pics, paper feeds better, and the lid lifts for thick scans.

    End of story, I should have researched the product better before purchase and not went for a good looking sale and a impulse purchase.Thanks everyone.
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