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VPN latency DESPERATE!! Please help

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  • Windows XP
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April 12, 2004 7:18:26 PM

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For a year I have been accessing my corporate office
through a VPN with Blue Ridge Networks and Citrix on a Win
98 (Office 97) machine and a laptop (Win 2000 Pro and
Office XP), using a cable modem and Lynksys VPN 4port
router. Now I have added a new P4 2.8GH 512RAM machine
running Win XP Pro and Office XP pro and suddenly my
access to corporate is so slow I can't work. The 2 old
computers still work fine on the same connection so I
suspect some setting in the new PC or new XP Pro that is
slowing down the applications (not the router, cable or
bandwidth as my network administrators believe).

The specific problem is when I am running both the Blue
Ridge remote client VPN and the Citrix NFuse application
portal on the new machine. Citrix alone is fine but loses
the connection every couple of minutes. Blue Ridge alone
is fine, but I need to access proprietary applications off
the corporate network server through Citrix. As soon as
these two are together on the new PC all is slow.

I did notice that my LAN connection speed is 100MBPS, but
the LAN3 connection (used for Blue Ridge) says 10MBPS.
Does this tell me anything?

Here is what I have tried based on suggestions from Blue
Ridge, Citrix and my corporate net. admin.:

. Turning off firewalls = no improvement
. bypassing the router = no improvement
. downloading a program recommended by Blue Ridge to
boost speed = slight improvement
. disabling Norton antivirus = no improvement
. increasing system resources [reducing # of startup
programs=no improvement, turning off quick-launch=no
improvement, upgrading system resources=no improvement]-
doesn't seem to be a resources issue since the old
computer has 1/2 the RAM & 1/5 the speed and runs fine.
. running other network profiles (windows 98 & 95=slight
improvement) (WINNT=no improvement) (I forgot how I did
this? I'd like to check these profiles again to see where
I left it.)
. timing the download of the same file onto both systems,
the time was 4x on the old system.
. they said "bandwidth" so I logged on to Blue Ridge on 2
pc's and ran Outlook on one and the proprietary
application on the other at the same time with no problem.
Bandwidth is not the problem.

Please Help! Any help solving this latency issue will be
greatly appreciated!

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April 14, 2004 1:46:02 AM

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.work_remotely (More info?)

I know little about Blue Ridge Networks or using Citrix based apps over a WAN, but my experience using XP with VPN and routers has taught me that XP may be getting in your way by trying to be too smart or too secure. I'd look into or compare your encryption settings, or quality of service (QoS) settings. Your XP machine may be continually checking and rechecking; and/or redundantly checking encryption, QoS, or prehaps even compression. VPN is a necessary and yet frustrating fact of life, and starting in XP, Microsoft has started taking it and it's security serious. Previous to that, Microsoft's implementation was weak. Thus the need for Blue Ridge. This "improvment" may actually be causing you problems.

Good luck and happy computing.