enermax power sup... where/how to take back a defective psu

my psu noisetaker broke up i dont now why... after only 1 month
so now i am trying to take it back form warranty but i can find any information where/how to ship it back
for infomation i am located in canada montreal thank
can someone help me ?

sorry for poor english
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  1. Your distributer might be the quickest if within time frame specified, usually 30 days... Otherwise, off to the manufacturer it goes...
  2. If you bought the entire computer system from a particular company and its only one month old then contact that company.

    If you bought the power supply as a replacement approximately one month then contact the power supply manufacturer. Just do a google search for the manufacturer's website . You will probably have to get a R. M. A. (returning merchandise authorization) number from the manufacturer. Their phone number should be listed somewhere on their website . Just call them they will help you.
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