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I have some start menu programs missing in the all programs list. One of the missing entries is accessories.

As far as I can tell all of the missing programs are on the system and they can be found by using the start menu search facility.

This problem is occuring with other users but I can not find a solution which works. This includes one solution posted on this site. I attempted to reply to that thread but the system took me to the post index instead. Now I am posting a new topic.

EDIT: I am seeing the missing apps and other items at this location in Iexplore %allusersprofile%\Start Menu\Programs
Everythig I have tried to get these items back into my start menu all programs list has been met with failure. Is this a windows bug, does anyone know?

My Progress: I have noticed that when your right click on the highlighted "all Programs" box, in the start menu, a small options list pops up and if "open all users" is selected a new window pops up. Inside that window I can click on the programs folder where I can see the missing entires that should appear on my all programs list plus those which I presently see on my all programs list togather in a single directory list. How do I get that directory list of programs back into the start menu "all programs" area so I do not have to go through this extra window and select the programs folder? I also noticed my accessories folder has a lock on it while I am in an administrators account. Anyone know how to get rid of that also?

I am no doubt having a love / hate relationship with this version of windows! :pt1cable:
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  1. windows repair
  2. Hi scout_03,

    Have you tried doing a system restore?

    Let us know what happens!

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  3. This solution may resolve the issue, I have considered this long ago. What has kept me from taking this step is after doing so in the past I have had many programs experience issues as a result. This has caused data loss which I want to avoid this time around.

    Given the nature of this problem I feel pretty certain this is a registry related issue, meaning something is missing in the registry which would allow the programs to display in the proper area of windows.
  4. cassandraf_winteam said:
    Hi scout_03,

    Have you tried doing a system restore?

    Let us know what happens!

    Microsoft Windows Outreach

    OK, I tried this on an assumption it MIGHT work. My findings are that it did not work which is more of an indication this issue is burried within the registry of the OS.

    I wish I could find the related entries for the registry for these folders.

    Thank you for your kind suggestion it was worth a try.

    EDIT: Since these folders do show up when I log on as administrator and some of my more erecent entries do not show up under admin login I now am certain the registry is the culprit. Do you have any idea where I can find these entries in the registry? If I can locate them I can cut and paste to the proper areas to get things working correctly.
  5. Nothing in this thread solved the issue for me.

    THE SOLUTION IS HERE!What solved the issue was to add Authenticated Users back to the profiles of all files on the system. This may not be the way thing originally were setup but when I copied an outlook folder from Vista OS to my Win 7 OS (both are on my PC) is when the Authenticated Users rights went away. In addition I had to go back into start menu properties and select custom and re-enable Administrative Tool which also went away at some point.

    Everything is back to normal now.

    Thanks to all for trying!

    THIS IS THE BEST ANSWER! There is no box to check in my post to indicate this.
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