Odd win 7 64bit cold boot freeze, Asus eee box 1012P


eee box 1012p
2gb ddr2 800mhz
windows 7 home premium 64bit

My eee box freezes consistently on every cold boot at the same time.

Note: Cold boot in my case means everytime the box has been turned off for longer than approximately 20 seconds. So I doubt it's an actual temperature issue.

On a normal boot it hangs at the moment the windows 7 boot GUI colors start moving.

In safe mode the screen gets to loading CLASSPNP driver and then hangs up.

In the failed cold boots, I can't get it to write an ntbtlog file for some reason, nor do I get a dump or blue screen. The box just becomes unresponsive.

The issue does't appear if I shut it off and on again quickly.

I can restart my pc a hundred times without issues. But if I shut it off and turn it on half a minute later it hangs again.
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  1. What I have tried:
    updating my bios (no update available)
    safe mode
    msconfig, stripped boot of anything non essential
    changed energy settings, max performance, balanced, energy savings, custom
    used autoruns and ccleaner to clean out the boot as much as possible
    start up with everything unplugged

    I can't figure out why it's happening. Yet annoyingly it does, and it does so consistently.
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