External usb 3.0 backup drive for win 7!

Anyone have a nice usb 3.0 external drive they could suggest for backing up my windows 7 computer?

Thank you!
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    Havn't got one yet, but will be looking for one soon. I'll probably stick with WD which I've used for many years without a problem. Fortunatly I have 2 USB3 sockets and don't need to buy a card.
  2. you could simply have anoter internal drive for backups only, that way it doesnt cost as much and you get more storage for your money.

    Samsung Spin Point F3 / 1TB
  3. True... but then portability goes out the window. It's nice to have a backup that you can easily take with you if necessary. There are some nice 1TB models that don't cost much more than their internal counterparts.
  4. Thanks for the replies!The wd drive is going to be my choice!

    Have a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!
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