[Premier Pro] Time line hassles

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Hopefully this will all seem very trivial once someone straightens me
out. I'm tinkering with the trial version of Premier pro 1.5, and am
just about ready to hang myself.

I need the timeline view to do most of what I want to do but I can
find nothing in any menu or right click pop up to open the darn thing.

Double click on a clip in Project view seems to open it sometimes.
Other times not.

tedious searching of the provided extensive help is really aggravating
since there are many entries like `using the time line' that never
tell how to get a timeline visable.

All I find is statements like `with time line active, blah blah'

Never telling how to open it.

Clicking on `newproject' opens it in the start but later after close
and open of that project, its gone, never to return.

OK.... uncle.... whats the trick?
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.video.desktop (More info?)

    I'm assuming you are using Windows

    Like you I'm, a newbie (I've just moved from 6.5 to 1.5 pro) but I've seen
    times when the timeline has become minimized andapprently hidden.

    One thing you may want to try is when it happens again, try going to the
    project window and double clicking on "Sequence 01" or whatever your
    sequence is shown as.

    Thinking about this I can understand why they have done it but I agree i can
    be a tad confusing when you first move from a previous version - or start
    out new.

    Hope this helps,
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