Computer wont shut off with windows 7

It just goes into a sleep mode that I can't wake it up from. Have to hit the reset button to re awaken. I can actually hear it click off and click on quickly. Hope somebody can help me with this because wading thru the Q and A bull at Microsoft Solutions is enough to make one throw the box out the window.
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  1. Does it go to sleep when you try to shut it down? or is it that when it sleeps you can't bring it back up?
  2. It seems to be in sleep mode.(Power fan and CPU running) but only reset button or shutting power off, then on and power button. Power button does not fire it up from this "sleep mode." Left it on all day and just got home to find it in true sleep mode and any key brought it back to life.
  3. Found the answer here-
    Seems to be a problem with people with P5B Asus boards. Anyhoo, it's fixed.
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