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My computer cannot access facebook, but can access all other webpages. It says I do not have cookies allowed and blocks me (webpage cannot be displayed). It could be a dns thing too. I can type the ip address of facebook and access the logon page. But after logging in it takes me right back to the login page and says cookies are required and my settings aren't allowing cookies. I have tried everything including uninstalling norton, cleaning all malware, disabling the firewall, installed several browsers, setting the tools-privacy settings to overide and allow. (which by the way say that I am allowing them already.)

I even went as far as to upgrade the os. (thinking it would fix any os issue but the upgrade merely transferred the settings.

I poked around in the registry and read something about the dword string needing to say allowcookies. When I was using vista I tried to add that string but it didn't work. (I might have not done it right) I then upgraded to 7.

I added preferred dns as 4221, no help there either. I connected a different computer to the cables and accessed facebook without issue which rules out my router being the problem.

Please, tell me what to do. I feel certain that I need to make changes in the registry, but I need a good knowledgeable person to help me with it.

The problem seems to have started when I used ccleaner. And yes, I had backed up the registry but when I tried to restore it, it gave me an error. System restore is not an option unfortunately.
Please help
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  1. Normally cookies are a browser setting, not an OS setting. What web browser are you using and which version?
  2. Zenthar said:
    Normally cookies are a browser setting, not an OS setting. What web browser are you using and which version?

    I am using ie8, but have also tried opera, firefox, and chrome. It's the same result with each browser which is why I took a look at the os instead. But I obviously don't know.

    I also have cleared all sites that were in the restricted sites, and added facebook into the allowed sites. (under security in the browser tools).

    The computer runs a 10 out of 10. Perfect. But something is blocking facebook. I'm really baffled with this, determined to find the solution. (need to find the solution)

    Any help is appreciated

  3. SOLUTION! After 2 days of working on this issue I found the solution within the networking properties. LMHOSTS lookup was checked. After unchecking it I could access facebook. Had nothing to do with cookies afterall!
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