Official K-Mart Sucks Thread

Just wondering if anyone here shops there. I went there today to check out their big "6am-11am" sale. That's 60 wasted minutes of my life I'll never get back.

So, here's a poll!
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  1. I decided to never get up early again on Thx Giving. Not worth it anywhere. You have to be there by 4:30ish if you want the good stuff. Stupid lines. Even then I'd rather spend a few extra dollars (or in most cases less money) and buy it online.
  2. Many years ago KMart sold or closed its stores in my area. There used to be one just two miles away. They never had a good electronics dept. They couldn't compete with WalMart or Target. Now I have two each of those within five minutes of my house, plus BestBuy, CurcuitCity, CompUSA, FRY's, and almost every other store imaginable. But it doesn't matter much, since I buy most electronic stuff on line.
  3. reply, i like K-Mart for ths reason: I was shopping for Mario Kart for the Nintendo DS. Bestbuy was out, meijer was out, and walmart was out. So i stoped a K-mart and they had 1 in stock :) buts thats probably cuz no one ever goes there. where i live wal mart and k-mart are about .25 miles apart. wal-mart is always packed, k-mart is empty
  4. Kmart is alright....i have bought bateries from i voted yes.

    But honestly i prefer Wal-Mart....they are almost always open 24/7 and when i lived in a small town after a movie or somehting at 1-2am there is nothing to do but Dennys and Walmart....both QUALITY places to go at 2am...LOL!!

    Seriously they are fun...because there is nothing else thats where all the people you know the drunks, homeless, and cops...good times.
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