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I would like to know if someone could tell me of a program or a step by step guide of how to do a complete format of the c: drive. I want to completely clean up this drive to allow a completely new install of windows 7 ultimate. Most of the drives on a Dell, HP, Compaq, etc have proprietary software installed that is difficult to erase and parts of the disk are usually partitioned to make it even more difficult. I would like to use the cmd command to get a dos prompt and then enter a command such as format c: which would completely clean up the drive but I get an error message telling me that the drive is locked and in use. Does anyone know of a program that will allow me to delete all partitions and format the entire drive to allow a clean install of windows 7 ultimate and/ or even windows XP pro? Any help will be greatly appreciated...thanks....rocknroller
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  1. Yes, your windows disk will do this. Boot from the disk, point it at the drive, and tell it to format.
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