Help around the guys.

I am not a typical guy. It seems as though my childhood has degraded me, ans so had puberty when I was young.

Here is the deal, a bunch of guy shave invited me over for a rousing game of Football, yet I have never played nor do i have any knowledge as to playing the game. one young buck wants to show me how, but I feel embarrassed as to playing with more powerful guys who,( unlike me) are more competitive and will easily mock me. Yet, they are good, caring fellows.

What to do.
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  1. Just go for it if you want. I don't know much about football either but I will bet they don't know as much about computers.
  2. Like they want to talk computers. I am pretty much a bore.
  3. Just go, man.

    they are more powerful than you, but you're gonna learn you are not made of sugar.
    I had the same probleme years ago. Friends wanted me to play rugby with them, but they are all over 200 lb. (f***ing metric system). I was the little girl on the field.
    I headed straight ahead. After the initial shock, I could not feel pain. It was cool.
  4. Well you might want to learn how to play at least. That would be a good start. I'm a computer nerd (going for a B.A. in Computer Science) and an athlete (I play college soccer) so I know how hard it is to dedicate yourself to two different things. Most likely those guys aren't the brightest. Use your head more then your body (not literally). If someone is running with the ball choose an angle of intercept that your particular level of speed can reach, couple that with taking him down as low as possible i.e. about the knee level, and no matter how much bigger he is he's going down.

    If for some reason you find yourself with the ball there are other options, look at the guys feet who is trying to tackle you, if he's running on his toes he's fast but easy to sidestep, its difficult for him to change direction. If he's flat footed then a quick fake to one side and sprint to the other will leave him in the dust.

    To catch the ball make a triangle with your hands, tip of your thumps together and tips of your pointer fingers together. Center the ball in the triangle and when it goes in close your hands together around it so your pinky's get as close to touching as they can.
  5. Thanks.
  6. Just go and play. Nothing wrong with that. They invited you over and thats cool. Also, if you don't know rules, I am pretty sure someone will help you along the way.
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