What the... Dead pixel on a CRT!?

Hey guys.
This is a followup to the vertical line issue I posted, but that's resolved. However, I've found...believe it or not...a dead pixel on a CRT. It's a flat screen CRT (NEC AccuSync 95F - uses a flat screen but standard CRT technology), and the pixel is towards the bottom center of the screen and constantly red. I tried it on two different machines and it's still that way. I've also tried a power off, changing the settings, etc. It's always there. My question - what should I do about it? I don't like that it has one (especially since this seems so rare it's never even mentioned as an issue), but...besides that the monitor seems good. Argh - not sure what to do. Anyhow, any input on this would be helpful!

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  1. im fairly sure theres nothing you can do, one or two of the three phosphorus dots have burned out.

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  2. Thanks. This is going back, and I'm going to try an LG Flatron 915 Plus instead. Keep hearing good things, so wish me luck. Maybe 3rd try'll be a charm, eh?

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