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Hello,I have an XP computer, Intel inside Pentium4. Recently I was using a cleaner called Bleachbit, in "Safe Mode," trying to clear out as much junk and trash as possible, and unfortunately it removed my copy of Free Cell. This was the original copy placed in the "Entertainment" Folder in the "All Programs" file, but now there is nothing in the "Entertainment" folder. I have downloaded a considerable lot of Free Cell software, over the last couple of weeks, but none have been comparable to the original, and been into a few "How To," sites, none of which were any help, Can any one please tell me of any process that reclaims the Old Original Free Cell? Thank you
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  2. Thank you for your response, but I already have XP Service Pack Three installed, and as far as the alternative is concerned, I don't see how "How To Add And Remove Games In XP" could help me in correcting the option of the ABC Spelling in Outlook Express, as the ABC Spelling controls the correct spelling in the text in that area, but thank you for your time.
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