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How to tranfer information on illigal microsoft to a legal copy

When I had a virus on my computer the guy who was supposed to have helped me- deleted everything on the computer when_ he formatted _ I asked him to save everything first - which he did not do.
When I got the laptop back from him it had and illegal version of MS ON it.. I have been using it for a while-
***Now I want to download my legitimate MS office small business 2007 and don't know how to do this - also I would like to transfer some documents to the new system?
Advise would be appreciated
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  1. Flash drive
  2. Hello koiidesign;

    You want to update your Windows Product key to the correct license key.

    You can do this from your System Information screen.

    In the Start Menu search box type: System
    From the list chose the System option that shows up under the Control Panel category.

    Or you can right click on the Computer link in the Start Menu right panel (the blue part) and choose Properties there.
  3. First of all:
    Is the Windows OS illegal or the MS Office illegal?
    Even in the illegal one you can easily transfer your files to an external storage drive using the Migration tool or you can simply copy the files you need and then copy them back after a fresh install, in case the data is encrypted , then , the migration tool will be a lot more useful.
    Is it your Outlook data that you want backed up?
    If so, then just save the email setting to a file on the ext storage dev, and then go to the address where all the data is stored and copy that whole folder too.
    This you will find in the Settings, storage path of the outlook settings.
    Later after a fresh install you can copy the complete folder back to the same address and you'll have all you mails, folders etc etc back in the new outlook.....
  4. Thanks for both the replies- I will take the task on this weekend and let you know the results...
  5. Hi guys,
    Took advise from both replies... thanks so much
    I stored and backed up all my data on Carbonite...
    I upgraded my Outlook. Still not sure how to install the legal MS word, excel etc and where to find the illegal copies to delete? or uninstall? I am totally loss when it comes to this-- ? Any suggestions
    Thanks for all the great responses
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    Is your Windows 7 operating system a genuine copy?
  7. And do you have any part of Microsoft Office 2007 currently installed?
  8. WR2 said:
    Is your Windows 7 operating system a genuine copy?

    Yes, I made sure that I HAVE LEGAL COPIES OF EVERYTHING and will keep it safe ...
    I managed to sort out my problems due to help from great guys on Tom's Hardware.Microsoft office and Outlook... . If I knew about your site I would not have lost all my document, info and 7yrs of business contacts..TOO late for tears.. .I have learned my lesson the hard way..
    THANKS AGAIN for the advice!!!! You guys are great!
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  10. Glad you got it worked out!
  11. :) Welcome
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