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One night I went to use my Sony Giga Pocket to watch TV and I had no sound.
Althought it's been working fine, somthing obviously has changed to prevent
sound from working while watching live TV. I have a great picture but no
sound? My PC sound (Windows XP) works fine, and when I watch pre-record
(Store on HD) video using Giga Pocket, my sound works fine. I can also
record with no sound, then play it back and the sound works fine? Why does
the sound not work while watching a live TV/Cable? I've also removed and
re-installed Giga Pocket, same results.

Any suggestions, or better yet solutions, would be welcomed.

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  1. I am having the same problem with Giga Pocket and I cannot get sound when trying to watch tv. I wasn't sure it I had to record in order to watch. If find the solution please let me know -
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