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HP Pavillion upgrade to windows 7

i want to upgrade my computer to windows 7 i got a hp pavilion a705w are there drivers for this computer and if so where cuz ive been trying to find some with no luck and would you recommend vista or should i stay with my windows XP please and thank you
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  1. Go here and this will list all the XP drivers.

    Now use google to download W7 compatible drivers.

    W7 should install the following automatically ..

    Video : Intel Extreme Integrated Video
    Audio : Realtek AL658 or AC97
    Modem : Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem
    Lan : Realtek 8108L

    Full motherboard breakdown ..

    Your system will only support 32-bit (x86) Windows 7.
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    install windows 7 (32-bit) with an active internet connection and you will be fine.
    windows installer and windows updates are good sources for the correct and latest drivers and they are all certified.
    it will complete install and drivers with no problems and then upon completion and you've booted into OS, windows updates will find newer drivers.
  3. Hi tony597,

    I recommend running the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. This will scan your computer and let you know if your computer is ready to run Windows 7. If your computer is not ready, the Upgrade Advisor will tell you what changes to make before moving to Windows 7. Upgrade Advisor:

    Hope this helps!

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  4. what's the exact system specs.?
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