RatPadzGS Wear Out Quickly

Since there is no way to contact RatPadz to ask them about this, I thought I would start advertizing it.

When I got my new ratpadzGS, I was blown away. it was the slickest, smoothest surface I could imagine. the tension of the mouse cord would move the mouse (a little) when you let go. But, it quickly wore down into a merely "good" mousing surface. Took less than 2 months (during which I was not working and playing way too much counterstrike). Now, the static and dynamic friction are way up in the center, but if I go to an unused corner, it feels like it was when it was new. (No, there is nothing wrong with my MX310 feet that caused this --- and, others have noticed the same thing)

Just wondering if anyone who has used and wore out a ratpadz has found an answer (as in repairing the surface, preventing the wear, or, more likely, a more durable pad that plays like the ratpadzGS)

BTW, there is no doubt that you can play better and get more frags with a good mouse surface. Especially if the static friction is low (attempted small corrections won't "jump" when the mouse finally moves).

Serious Mousers only need reply!
please don't bother to waste space telling me that you like your desk surface, or that ratpadz can't wear out in 2 months, or xyz is better but you haven't actually used a ratpadz.

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  1. its a [-peep-] mouse pad. get a life and stop worrying about dumb [-peep-].

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  2. Have you tried cleaning it?

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  3. I posted a warning about my Ratpadz five months ago, it's a piece of junk (wears out fast). I fixed the problem by using this stuff from www.cshyde.com. The C4 sticky back sheets work great. I used it to cover my Ratpadz. Been using it for 4 months now with zero signs of wear. Highly recommend this stuff for everyone.
  4. That C4 stuff looks pretty interesting. Did you bother with the dots or mouse tape?
  5. I got the mouse disk (30 pack) there cheap $$$. I can't say enough about how good this stuff is you won't be sorry. I got the 16X16 sheet to cover my Ratpadz GS 220 grit sandpaper product.
  6. WOW, that C4 stuff really works slick (lol). Now I get to test the theory that a mouse pad can be too slick. I bought the 0.25 dots, but I wish I had gotten the 0.75 dots to cover the complete mouse foot. The dots also work great at work where I just use a desktop for a mouse pad.

    man, the mousepad naysayers don't have a clue.

    BTW, the ratpadz makes a great base for this stuff. LOL
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