Do you play an instrument?

I played trumpet from 4th through 6th grade and played euphonium from 7th to now :) - Memories :)

I was in my high school's marching band - the Wildcats. We were always 2nd place in every competition because of Hart High :fou:
I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty bad at every instrument I ever played, I was in concert band for my whole high school career. Never Wind Ensemble.

Enough about me... Did/Do you play an instrument?

Oh and BTW, Jazz!!
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  1. I play the keyboard.
    I really like the drums and would like to try them out.
  2. Play guitar for 3 years now, but i still think i suck even tough other people say I'm ok.
    I played a little piano when i was younger but gave up.
    I also know a bi, just a little of ukulele, bass guitar and drums.

    I understand standard music notation but i like don't like to use it. I mostly play by ear or just improvise. Ba dum tsss!
  3. Didn't you get embarrassed for playing in Concert band all throughout the years? I play the Saxophone (Alto mainly).
  4. I just play on an acoustic guitar. I just started 3 months ago and I think that I am doing pretty well that.
  5. i use to play guitar, keyboard and saxaphone
  6. I've been learning to play Piano as of a couple of months ago.
    It's really fun and I love it. Although I don't have a tutor yet, just been finding my own way so far.
    But I definitely need lessons soon.
  7. I used to play piano but it's been a decade since the last time I did that. I wonder what would happen if I try to play again.
  8. Piano and singing
  9. i used to play a couple of instruments... i played piano from 6 years old until 16... then I used to play lyre and harmonica too... but now, i don't know if i can still play all of these
  10. ive been playing guitar for about 30 years,i have an awesome collection of guitars(around 20 or so) everything from les pauls to modeling guitars to dobros......
  11. Learned to play the piano when I was a kid.
  12. I can only play guitar :(
  13. I play drums and I have just started to play's been 2 months nearly
  14. I play Viola and Keyboard, Took Bassoon for a while as well but have forgotten how to play it. I have also started to teach myself mixing and composition.
  15. I've played trumpet off and on since the 4th grade (going on 45 years) as a mainstay, though I can also play all the other valved brass.
  16. i had piano lessons from 5 to 10 years old. at 14 y/o i started guitar and now i'm 19 y/o and it's my favourite instrument. i'm also a professional musician, i have a metal band and an album out with them :P besides guitar and piano i also play bass guitar and drums. hopefully i will make something big in the near future
  17. I always wanted to play an acoustic guitar.
    But, never learned to play it.
  18. My favorite instrument has to be the guitar. However, I also know how to play the bass and drums.
  19. Ya, I play, guitar & keyboard.
  20. I current play guitar, I can also play violin and piano.
  21. Piano for 16 years, harmonica for 4 years and guitar for the last 6 months. Neil Young, Dylan, Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles are heavy influences of mine.

    Piano - Chopin all the way; and the Final Fantasy collections. Elton John is good too.
  22. I used to play piano as I was a little girl.
  23. I play multiple instruments (guitar, bass (both acoustic upright and bass guitar), drums, piano, and vocals) started in 2nd grade with piano and quickly moved to guitar then bass then drums and vocals when I started in my first band right around high school. If you don't mind me there a point to this thread other than just friendly conversation? (questions to be answered, pointers, instruction help, or anything along those lines)

    I have a question about optimizing my cpu for the purpose of audio recording...anyone have a suggestion as to where to post my initial thread?
  24. I learned how to play drums...from the internet :S I would say I'm a guy with coordination, definitely lacking hands on experience since I don't have my own kit...yet Would rather spend the money upgrading my PC atm :P I honestly do think that people frown upon the drums as a true "instrument". It's just really a stereotype I guess since the discipline required to be a good drummer is often seen as not on par with that of a pianist/guitarist etc although I somewhat disagree.
  25. only guitar !!
  26. Electric guitar. \m/
  27. Played Piano for about 5 years now, just casually in my spare time. I just wanted to reach a point where I can pick up most pieces of music and give them a play, you won't see me playing for a crowd or anything anytime soon.
  28. Played piano for 3 years in the past.
    Really enjoyed the sound of this instrument but it's a pity that i did not have enough time go on playing.
  29. I really wish I could play some instrument. But I really don't understand any.
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