Slow Startup (Reading all Hard Drives)

So on my computer I have two SSDs raided together as my main drives and two 1TB drives for my additional storage. When I first build it, it ran blazing fast and only read from the SSDs for my startup. I recently formatted, and since then, the computer always starts up the hard drives, whether during start-up or coming out of sleep mode. Before, it only did it when I accessed the drive.

It's a minor annoyance, at best. I lose an extra 5 seconds or so coming out of sleep mode. Is there any way for this to be changed? Thanks in advance!
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  1. You formatted the SSD or the HDD? Did you change anything else (like SATA ports, BIOS or Windows settings)? If you disconnect the HDD, can Windows still boot?
  2. I did a fresh format of everything except the HDDs (backup info). SATA ports and BIOS settings remained the same (except some changes because I added an extra 6 gigs of RAM). Windows was installed completely fresh. And disconnected, it does start up without them.
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