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I recently purchased a Win 7 Acer netbook. It is a wireless connection. When connected to my home network it repeatably loses connection. It apparently impacts the router somehow causing a Vista (wireless} and XP (Lan) to lose connection also. When the Acer is not turned on all is normal. Microsoft claims the D-Link 1310 is compatible.
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  1. Have you tried restarting your router? Since Microsoft says that the device is compatible with Windows 7, it could be a number of things, including a problem with the hardware, but there's an old trick with Windows that might help you out:

    1. Go to Device Manager

    2. Find your ethernet network adapter, then right-click on it. Select the option "Uninstall".

    3. After trying the steps above, your network card is listed as unknown device. Restart Windows, it will recognize your network card as a new device and do an install of the driver.

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
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