Windows 7 (32bit) and movie plus 5 problems

I am running serif MvP5 on win7 (32bit) - it stops all playback activity on my projects but will still allow me to work on a project "by eye" and render it, but will not preview or play it whilst i am working on projects.
It used to work fine when i was on a machine with XP. (win7 is also causing nightmares with my Cubase5!).
I have a big PC with a decent ram(4gb) which is more than adequate as i produce music projects. ThePC is not online, and it is only job specific for audio production and a bit of film work. As the PC came pre-loaded with 7 and no previous, i cant go backwards to XP, or maybe i can upgrade to a higher win7 package as i have heard it comes with an XP version side-chained to it? :(
anyone help please?
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