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I'm using Windows 7x64 on a HP dv7t laptop with internal Bluetooth. The problem I'm having is that my mouse (a Dell Bluetooth UN733) will not connect to my PC at all, even with new batteries, the mouse turned on, and the BT button pushed. Windows does not detect it at all.
I've checked to make sure the BT is turned on and the settings allow devices to discover/be discovered, but nothing seems to be working.
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  1. That's for buying a Dell product, try a different brand next time.
  2. If you don't want to do this however; try updating your Drivers for the mouse directly from Dell's website :).
  3. I figured out what the problem was, and it had nothing to do with the mouse being made by Dell (besides, Logitech was the company that manufactured it, though it was a Dell product). The problem was in relation to drivers installed by software to make a PS3 controller work on my PC. When the DualShock 3/Sixaxis drivers got installed, it messed with the integrated Bluetooth and caused it to not recognize any Bluetooth devices at all.
    If anyone else has the problem and has installed MotionInJoy and the drivers with it, you will have to try to remove both and restart your computer. If restarting doesn't work, restore your computer (if possible) to a time prior to installing MotionInJoy & its drivers or (if necessary) back up all of your files and restore it to factory defaults. That will fix the problems.
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