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  1. Surprised to see good numbers going up.. except that out debt almost nears the total assets of all companies in the US.
  2. Check out Debt to GDP ratio. That is what scares me.
  3. Notice how while debt goes up, everything else goes down.. even while money creation moves slowly.
  4. Tax revenue is going down as expenditures increase...not good guy! Not Good!
  5. I can only take a couple of US refugees ... but I want quiet ones.

    Are there any quiet yanks?

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    Hugging other men is also discouraged ... unless you boot a goal.

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    sorry bout the flies though ... get used to it.
  6. Naw, flies aren't the problem...
  7. dogman_1234 said:
    Tax revenue is going down as expenditures increase...not good guy! Not Good!

    Not last month. They got their pound of flesh and ran a surplus.

    Here's the thing about the Federal debt: It's too high, it sucks, but it can be easily brought to a sustainable 3% of GDP. We'll level revs/expenses at 19% of GDP and it's Happy Days Again.

    And we'll still be able to feed people and blow sheet up. We're good. We're the USA.

    With over $200 trillion in assets and $60+ trillion in net worth, we're gettin' by ... $10- or $20-trillion in external debt ain't so bad but we will eat some peas.

    In the next 75 years, the cumulative GDP of the United States of America (at 2% annual growth) will exceed $3,500 trillion with a total net worth exceeding $1,000 trillion.

    We can work it out, or F' yall, it's Oh, Canada, Waltzing Matilda or God Save The Queen for me.
  8. I say we grow gardens and can our own crap!
  9. dogman_1234 said:
    I say we grow gardens and can our own crap!

    Already do.. Looking to buy a bigger plot of land for hunting as well. People would be amazed at how much food can be produced in a 6x8 foot garden. That'll feed a family of four for a full year, minus any additional meats/proteins.
  10. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    I can live with 19% revs/expenses.

    That's not where we are heading though, especially since we haven't had a budget in 3+ years.

    All households and yes even governments have to live by a budget and stick to it.

    There have been budgets -- there just haven't been passed budget bills. Not surprisingly, what passes the Congress is not really different than the President's budget.

    I call this Congress Arguing Over the Cost of the Broom on the Firetruck

    The US Congress has no interest in debating the cost of The Firetruck, and most importantly, how to pay for The Firetruck. They have their special interests to attend, even more so than the Executive Branch. There are 535 of those idiots.

    It will take the rest of the decade to 'eat' the financial disaster (let's at least, hope).

    The Gov't revs/expenses and debt will begin working out starting 01.01.2013 with $5-6 trillion on the table over the next 10 years. It's a start.

    The gosh darn (you know what I mean) problems are the banks and the Fed. A single JPMorgan transaction 'blows up' $2+ billion on a proprietary trade, and the CEO says, "No big deal."

    While the Fed loans these Banking Clowns trillions of dollars at 0.02%, on collateral backed by navel lint.
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