How to remove jucheck exe from windows 7 64 bits

Please help me eradicate this security issue of removing ''jucheck.exe'' Thanks
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  1. There is a sticky post at the top of the forum on how to remove malware.
  2. You can go to msconfig and remove it from startup items. It is a java update checker. Not a threat.
  3. Follow these steps to see how to remove jucheck.exe.

    1. Uninstall all your Java consoles and any other java that you may have. Turn on your fire wall and unplug or shutdown your internet connection.

    2. Open your control panel by going to "start" - "Control Panel"

    3. Inside your "Control Panel" open the "Folder Options" icon and click the tab at the top of the folder options window that says "View" and check the box that says "Show Hidden Files and Folders" then uncheck the box that says "Hide protected Operating System Files."

    4. After changing your folder options as indicated above, open "My Computer" from your desktop, then enter your C:// drive folder. Scroll down until you find the folder "System 32" and open it.

    5. Inside the "System 32" folder, scroll and till you find the folder "dllcache" and open it (this file might be one to appear faded).

    6. After Opening the "dllcache" file scroll until you find JUCHECK.EXE, then delete it. If your having trouble deleting it then you may want to shut off your automatic updates using your control panel, and open the task manager by pressing alt+ctrl+del at the same time and ending all processes names jucheck.exe, wuaccult.exe, and any unfamiliar ones. After ending the jucheck.exe process you will have seconds to delete it before it automatically starts again. So you have to be quick.

    7. Then after your sure you have deleted the jucheck.exe, be sure to reinstall java and set your settings back the way you had them. Some people say jucheck is java's automatic update. THEY ARE WRONG please know this is a trojan virus. This virus will eat up your computer fast or slow without you knowing and by the time you do it might be to late! This virus disguises itself as java update to bypass your firewall and copies secondary files into your computer rapidly and non stop until your computer has no more memory, it also sends your personal information through the internet. Worse one I have ever encountered.

    I hope this helps!

    Brett M,
    Windows Outreach Team

    download this free windows cleaner,and use the startup monitor to disable it!job done!
  5. I found this snippet also
    General Info
    File Name Jucheck.exe
    Process Name HP Imaging Module
    File Location C:|Program Files

    Jucheck.exe is a system process which comes included with Hewlett Packard Imaging. The official process name is HP Imaging Module. File sizes will differ from computer to computer but documented file sizes are 479,232 bytes (72% of all occurrence), 475,136 bytes. Jucheck.exe should not be disabled or removed because it's an essential file required by your computer's Windows Operating system. But Jucheck.exe may be damaged and corrupt causing errors, high CPU usage and slow computer performance.
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