Can't save DV camera editing info on the Sony RDR-HX900 DV..

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On the Sony RDR GX700 DVD recorder the information of the editing in
and out marks get saved when selecting what parts of a DV tape to copy
to DVD. But when using the Sony RDR HX900 (or HX1000) DVD recorder
this information is not saved.
I can't understand why Sony did not have this feature for it's more
expensive HX900 model.
If you have many In and Out marks to set for an DV tape then you don't
want to do it all in one session.
This is for DVD Recorders that have an DV in jack for connecting a DV

Regards Brian
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    I returned my recorder to Fry's because the "One-Touch" function didn't work
    for me. I could record in manual mode, but I couldn't get the One-Touch to work
    for me. I tried to contact tech support through their web site. What a waste of
    time. For the price of this unit I expect better performance.
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