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My little home network have five computers connected to a LAN hub and one of them is connected to internet with ADSL connection. All other computers then shares the internet from that computer (including my one). The server computer is running win2k-server, and my computer is running Win XP.

But when I try to send files using ICQ or MSN, I couldnt do so, the programe said something about firewall blocking. I then tried every option to stop the firewall and opening up ports, but the problem still remains...

Is anyone having the same problem? and knew how to solve it?
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  1. you need to forward the ports to the computer you want to use icq on. good luck doing that with ics, i have no idea.

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  2. You can not forward ports through two devices. You have a adsl modem (1) then the ICS computer(2).

    If your modem supports DHCP then all you need is a 5 port switch with an uplink port. EZXS55W is the linksys model I use.

    Dissable or uninstall ICS. Plug the modem into the uplink port of switch. Plug computers into other ports.

    If your modem does not support DHCP then you will need a modem that does, or if your internet provider supports pppoe you can use the modem as a bridge and use a router that supports pppoe and DHCP.

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  3. your not making any sence. the computer running ics is just in the place of a router. if the modem is running dhcp and nat then it has a built in router. well internal network router anyway, since a dsl modem is infact a router. and a SWITCH does not have a wan port.

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  4. Sorry... It dont make any sens to me, with all these terminologies..
    So how can i send ports to my computer?
    My DSL modem is Alcatel USB external ADSL modem. And i dont think it can act as a router.
  5. I don't have any real experience with those specific programs but here are my thoughts just in case you haven't had them yourself already:

    If you can chat with ICQ and/or MSN then it's probably not an ICS problem, I'd take a closer look at WinXP's built in firewall or any firewall that might exist at the other end of the file transfer (unless of course it happens no matter who you're sendin em to). In fact if XP's firewall is on I'd just plain shut it off and get ZoneAlarm or BlackIce instead.

    Also check the program's settings themselves to see if you can map specific ports for file transfer's and such, many programs of that ilk give you options to pass through a firewall/NAT. I don't know if ICS lets you map ports or not but it would be nice if it did.

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  6. Sorry but you are trying to the impossible as far as I know.
    You can not forward ports through ICS even if you forward them through the modem. You can not forward ports through 2 devices. Whether it be a modem and router,modem and ICS on comp or two routers.

    When first replying to your post I assumed you had a ethernet modem. Since you are running a USB modem none of the above applies. You are out of luck nless your modem also has a ethernet(RJ45) port.

    Your best solution would be a Ethernet(RJ45) modem and the linksys switch.

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  7. this little util may do the job
    run it on the computer running ics. its a command line program, it will tell you the usage, it should be pretty self explanatory.

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  8. I recommend you drop $50 on the linksys BEFSR41 router. It'll free up that server, be easier to manage security and feature wise, and will probably have everyone using the net faster.

    Good luck


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