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At my work we are in the process of upgrading our network from server 2003 and xp on the clients to server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 on the clients. We have some productivity software that will not run on windows 7 64 bit so we have installed the XP mode virtual machine in order to run that software. The software installs fine and runs fine. The problem we are having is some of the software is used to program PLC's and so we need to be able to talk with these devices over the network at their IP addresses. I have configured the "virtual" ethernet adapter and windows 7 ethernet adapter the same. From the cmd prompt in win 7 i can obviously ping the devices and communicate with anything on the network however when I am running the XP mode I cannot access anything on the network. The virtual mode isnt recognizing any of the physical computers resources. Is there a way to make it so when running XP mode and the programs in XP mode the computer can communicate with other devices over the network? Thanks

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    Somewhere in the settings, there should be a way to set the Network Adapter to a mode that will allow this. It is possible, I have done it. But as I am not currently using XP mode at the moment I cannot provide any more information on the matter.

    I suggest you try playing with the virtual machines network adapter config, until you can get the virtual machine to appear the same as any other machine on the network.
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  3. If you were so kind to show the setup that you ended up using. I am running into the exact same problem as I have to connect to a PLC using software that will only run on XP. I am using virtual box 4.0 with windows xp
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