How to connect a flopy drive to sata

The power supply is kids stuff but how to splice the old floppy data ribbon to sata is proving a problem, as with comments in the forum notes regarding previous comments about someone claiming to have a sata floppy, I didn't believe they actually existed, if they do it would certainly solve my the moment I'm having to spend hours copying onto a USB flash drive to get access to very old files.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Will a usb floppy drive not do the job for you? The time saved might be worth the cost of buying one as they are not too expensive
  2. I've never heard of a SATA floppy drive. There's certainly no way to connect a conventional floppy drive with the 40-pin connector to a SATA port.

    Floppies are slow no matter how they're connected because they physically spin at only 300 RPM (5 rotations per second). This gives them a data transfer rate of about 0.05 MByte/sec (actually 46,080 bytes/sec) for a standard 1.44MB disc. Even if you could come up with a way to connect the floppy drive to a SATA port, it wouldn't be any faster than one connected via USB.
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