Need a .MOV repair program

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man I hate that apple stuff. It is so difficult to work with.
I have a .MOV file that is damaged. It is so easy to find a
AVI,MPG,WMV etc. program to repair thos files but there is nothing at
all for this apple stuff.

Does anyone know how to repair a .MOV file? I have 15 Mb of a 22 Mb
file but I want to get and play the first bit anyway.
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  1. i have the same problem, cant find a repair tool for .MOV file i even tried exporting from
    Quicktime player Pro and trimming the IN and OUT points it started to work! then i whent to
    the shops, came back after an hour and it stopped and was showing an error. I guess i'll
    keep on trying :( Its just like apple to have a File structure thats hard to repair,
    just think it come from the same company that has a £1300 laptop that hs NO DVD drive
    you would think apple would bundle the £65 usb dvd drive in with the lap top NOOOOO.
    just think a decent Sony Vaio NW11SS laptop that has better performance costs £649
    and guess what........ it comes with a DVD RW drive hoooooyaaaa yipi kiyay :pt1cable:
    and i doesnt come with that invisible sticker that says' i was over charged for this
    bit of plastic and i know it and i love sucking apples over priced C**K all day long!'
  2. Now that you've got that off your chest, do you think we can let this little zombie thread sink back into the obscurity of the dead thread vault were it belongs. ;)
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