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I have a (quite old) iPaq, and also have a (quite old) Windows laptop.

I also have a Sky Plus box, capable of recording more television than I
ever have time to watch.

So, here's my plan.

- On top of the Sky+ box, I will put my laptop.

- When I go to bed, I will use the 'copy' function of my Sky+ box to
play out an hours' worth of programmes that I wouldn't mind watching
the next day.

- While I sleep, the laptop will capture and convert the video/audio to
a low-quality Windows Media file, and copy the resulting file onto an
SD card.

- When I wake up, I will grab the SD card as I leave the house, stick
it into the iPaq, and watch the telly programmes on the tube on the way
in to work.

My laptop should be capable of the encoding; and I have played Windows
Media files on my Ipaq flawlessly. So... the only thing I need is
something to plug from the Sky+ box into the laptop - via USB, ideally
- to get the PAL composite video into it, so that it presents itself as
a recording source for Windows Media Encoder.

Does such a thing exist?

(PS: I also own a Hauppauge DEC 2000-t Freeview USB box, but this
irritatingly doesn't appear as a source for Windows Media Encoder to do
anything with.)

Any help would be appreciated.
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    I wonder whether this - the "Belkin Hi-Speed USB DVD Creator" - would
    do the job, or something similar?

    Is this USB 2, or just USB 1.1?
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    Well, nobody replied, but the answer is a Hauppauge WinTV USB - the TV
    tuner inside is superfluous, but it was £49 in PC World and has both a
    composite video input and an s-video input, which was even better.
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