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RSS failed to load

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December 1, 2005 2:44:23 PM

Is it something I did, or a bug?

I add an RSS feed as a live bookmark in Firefox, click it and get an error saying Live Bookmark failed to load. :?

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December 1, 2005 3:10:36 PM

Ned, pls give me the url where you attempted to do it, and any other particulars needed to test this.
December 1, 2005 3:21:04 PM

In firefox, look at the address bar right hand side. There will be an orange icon, clicking that will bring up a list of RSS feeds. Add one in firefox, then click the newly created bookmark and you will get an error saying "Live Bookmark failed to load"
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December 1, 2005 3:24:37 PM

Ok, I see it now. Will be fixin'
December 1, 2005 4:02:08 PM

December 1, 2005 4:06:06 PM

Negative :?

Click the Community Tab, then add the live bookmark for a sub topic - i.e Other.
December 1, 2005 4:32:58 PM

I'm using Firefox 1.5 and after your fix I just get a blank dropdown menu from the RSS feed.
December 1, 2005 4:55:35 PM

I downloaded FF 1.5, and can no longer see the live bookmark icons. If you still see them, let me know.. so someone tell me what is going on.
December 1, 2005 4:57:41 PM

So you get the empty list now?
December 1, 2005 4:59:48 PM

I get no brown live bookmarks icon at bottom right anymore. Can you go to a page (elsewhere) that works, and let me know. At least I can check it that way.
December 1, 2005 5:05:27 PM

Ok, I am here:

I see that they have changed how the little live bookmark icon displays. Before it was showing at bottom right of the window. Now I see that it dispalys next to the URL at the top. So in any case, I click on it at the top (to the right of the url), and I get three options. I choose 'Other' and it works just fine for me.
December 1, 2005 5:10:34 PM

When I click the RSS button I get this...

[code:1:afea726358]The XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.


XML document must have a top level element. Error processing resource '[/code:1:afea726358]
December 1, 2005 5:10:54 PM

Ok, I'm with you.

I do the same and get:

Also, if I click on the links outline in my pic below:

I get the following Error:
December 1, 2005 5:10:59 PM

Ok, I see that once a live bookmark is established, the content is empty.
December 1, 2005 5:24:49 PM

Fixed, please check again.
December 1, 2005 5:26:07 PM

Now I get this with IE 6

[code:1:1f59094a69] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
- <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="" xmlns="">
- <channel>
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December 1, 2005 5:50:16 PM


That is quite all right. You need to use an RSS reader (which is included in FireFox) to see the content as RSS feed.
December 1, 2005 6:11:27 PM

Good, thanks for helping me find and debug the problem, Ned :wink: