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I have done everything that windows has asked and still can't get it to work. I have a windows 7 printer but since I can't keep the spooler running it won't let me install it. I have tried manually and using the fix it program but all that does is restart the service and it will stop on it's own. Please help me!!!! I have to be able to print and I can't get it to print and this is driving me crazy!!!!! I do not usually check this site so if you could e-mail me at I would greatly appreciate it.


M. Shane Snook
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  1. First of all, NEVER post your email address publicly like that! Unless you are a spammer or are baiting spammers, that is...
    As for your printer problem, type "services.msc" (w/o the quotes) in the start menu's instant search box and hit enter. Scroll down to "Print Spooler" and double-click it. Set "Startup type" to "Automatic" and click Ok. Restart your PC. Next, go to Devices and Printers and uninstall your printer if it is there. Then, restart your PC again. Finally, download the latest drivers from the printer manufacturer and try installing it with those.
  2. I have done that and it still doesn't stay on, I try to install the new printer and I can't get it to install. I have even tried a manual clean by taking out the registry aspects that were directing the spooler to a specific old printer. Do you have any other suggestions? Is there a way to manually install the spooler function from a disc or utility? If not I feel I am going to have to wipe out windows completely to fix it with a brand new install of windoes 7. Please get back to me asap.


  3. Did you try a System Restore?
    Also, you might try creating another user account in Windows and installing the printer in that account.
    Is this a fresh install of Windows or is it just that you're plugging in the printer for the first time?
  4. I am also having the same problem. I have tried system restore to no avail as well as a number of other suggested fixes found on other threads. I am about to reinstall Win7 as a last resort to see if that corrects the problems. I have found numerous others having issues but no solution that has worked for me.
  5. turn on the following services and set it to automatic and apply:

    1.DCOM server Process LAUNCHER
    2.RPC endpoint mapper
    4.remote procedure call(RPC)
    5.print spooler

    and then restart your computer.

    reinstall your bundled software for printer.
  6. Hi,

    Go to Start / Run and type in "services.msc" without quotation marks, then press Enter or click OK.

    In the window that opens (Services) look for "Print Spooler" on the right

    Right-click "Print Spooler" and select "Properties".

    Click on the "Recovery" tab and change all 3 drop-down boxes to "Restart The Service".

    Make sure the 2 text boxes underneath say "1" in them.

    Click Ok until you are back at the Services window, close it and you're good to go.

    Go back into the properties of the "Print Spooler" tab and be sure to click Start to restart the Print Spooler service and it will restart the service immediately.

    The Print spooler depends on the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service. Is this service disabled? Go to services.msc look for RPC. Check state: Automatic

    Get more information to fix Windows 7 Printer Spooler Error :

    Hope this information helps you.
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