HDD problem - help please

Hello everyone ...
I decided to come to a question on this forum because I find here the best results.
I have 7 professional windows. When I inserted the external disk on the computer it asked me to do a disk check ... Before starting the process, I had two options:

1 - Fix system errors files automatically
2 - Search for and attempt recovery of bad sectors

I chose the first option ... The disk to check the sector one and this one taking a long time. I fear that the process has not finished tomorrow ... If I take the disk in the middle of the process is that it erases all the files? What happens if I take the disc through the process and if something happens, there is no way to solve the problem?

Excuse the English but needed help from a transducer ...
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More about problem please
  1. Depending on the size of the hard drive and the number of errors, it's not unusual for the scan to take a long time. Is this scan running before Windows 7 starts up, or is this an external drive you plugged in after Windows 7 finished starting up?
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