Sound drivers for Win7 on 3-4 year old Macbook Pro

I know this thread belongs in Win7 forum, but I'm posting it here because mac users have experience with these windows sound problems on Macs.

I installed Win7 with boot camp and everything works fine except sound. Windows is telling me that I have my drivers updated, but sound isn't working at all. OS itself is producing the sound (it appears so), but it isn't sending it to my Macbook Pro's speakers. I tried installing quite a few different audio drivers from Intel's website, but none of them fixes the problem. My Macbook Pro is somewhere between 3-4 years old. I don't what is the name of the sound device itself, it doesn't show up neither on Win7 nor on Mac OS X.

Any ideas?
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  1. Hi there i think in MB pro are used only Intel HD Audio,just look on Intel website for audio driver.
  2. I already did that and none of them works. I can't find audio drivers through their navigation system though (too confusing for me), I only tried those that I found through their search engine.

    Can anyone point me to a driver that you used for your macbook pro?
  3. Hi there go to Control panel->Device Manager->Sound,Video and game controllers(just click left on it and Properties->Details and search in rolled Hardware Ids(this must match PCI&VEN_10EC&DEV_0269&SUBSYS_10280006&REV_1000(this is only example not your match),or post here hardware ids.
  4. Thanks for the reply! Here is my Hardware Id:


    I also noticed one other thing last night. I get red light from audio jack for headphones. I tried turning off the jack with a toothpick, but the light is still there. If I plug in headphones, I get no sound either. The weird thing (and relieving) is that I get no red light when in Mac OS X and sound also works perfectly fine. So it's Win7-only issue.
  5. Hi there i think proper driver its for your macbook Sigmatel,try download driver.For any question,just ask
  6. Tried a few sigmatel drivers, but they don't work. But I did fix it.

    The problem was actually that I needed to install Boot Camp on Win7. I feel very stupid now :)
    Well I actually tried that right away from Snow Leopard's DVD, but I didn't find anything windows-based on it, I also didn't know that the drivers I need to install are just combined into Boot Camp for Win.

    I always thought of Boot Camp as just an assistant, because I think you can create new partition manually with Disk Utilities, boot from Windows installation DVD, format the new partition to NTFS and continue with installation. But I really had no idea that Apple is also providing drivers through Boot Camp.

    Thanks for the help!
  7. plz can u tell me where u found the boot camp cuz I have the same problem here ,now I'm trying to download boot camp 3.1 do u think this can work without the boot came 3.0 already install ? cuz I'm tired the speed of the internet here is **** it just give me 32 kb as maximum I had download allot of thing and nothing work plz help !!
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