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Is cannon zoombrowser compatible with Window 7 and do drivers have to be downloaded...and if so before or after installation of Windows 7?
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  2. Yup, I just checked. Im on Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit and it works like a charm. I just got into dslr photography 2 weeks ago, I got $1100 in camera and lenses so far. Very addictive. I love my 55mm fixed f1.8 lens for portraits. Just bought a 70-250mm telephoto lens. Im using eos rebel xs. The images are amazing, I will never buy another point and shoot.
  3. Zoombrowser opens in Windows 7 64-bit, but the directory structure does not link properly to your pictures, i.e. if the My Pictures folder is linked to a directory path not on the local drive, Zoombrowser does not see it. You have to hunt for it manually. This does work in Vista and XP.

    Also camera window does NOT work to download your pictures, which sucks in my opinion, because I use it for the ability to rename files by date and folder.

    In conclusion, Zoombrowser runs, but not to full functionality.
  4. So what did you do........I just switched from Windows XP to the Windows 7 and cannot get my photos to download correctly... the zoom browser is no longer on my computer as it didnt transfer but I was told that it was not compatable anyway............what software do you use now.... I need to edit photos for my job and be able to insert text onto the photo as well as fine tune the photo..............any help is greatly appreciated.....
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